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Why such a journal

The 21st century will be Greek or will cease to exist. Saying this, I can see the accountant smiling. Romantic views are not part of his upbringing. But the aim of this journal, expressing the views of the Eastern Party, is to render the accountants impotent and to build the Noah’s Ark which will rescue Hellenism. The project consists in moving Hellenism from the periphery to the centre and further to the Universe, thus moving it from the quantitative approach of the ten million inhabitants, to the qualitative approach of global Hellenism. Specifically, the Greek model cannot be imperialistic, expansionist, chauvinistic, because such concepts presuppose enclosing Hellenism within boundaries, which means entrenching it in such a way that Hellenism would be framed while the rest of the world would stay outside of it. Nevertheless, Hellenism does not expand from a specific centre: as with divine love, it is the world. Having as a weapon Greek dialectical thought, which God gave us as a present, in order to aim at truth, we know that God is at the same time the Universe and the centre – as a person. In the same way Hellenism does not cease to be the centre, being the Universe. This geographical central person of Hellenism is placed inside the Intermediate Region and expands from the Adriatic Sea to the Caucasus. Surely, today, this person is divided and consequently inefficient, but with the future formation of the Greek-Turkish Confederation, will recompose itself, will reject the diminishing complex of the Graeculus and Turculus, and will once again as a whole person be present everywhere. Also, Europe will not succeed of becoming Greek if, before that, the Graeculus syndrome does not disappear from Greece itself. Naturally, the question remains, how is it possible that from the present-day ridiculous little puppet called Rum, as the national poet of Greece, Palamas, defined him, could rise the archon of civilization who would lead the planet earth. This journal strives to give the knowledge that will enable the revolutionary overthrow of the structure of the present provincial little state of Athens and the building up of a national regime.

(Extract from the leader, of issue no.9, Fall 1998, p.2, of the Intermediate Region)

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