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To contact directly the owner and director Dimitri Kitsikis, professor at the University of Ottawa, fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and honorary president of the Dimitri Kitsikis Public Foundation, please use his e-mail:

All past issues, from number 1, Fall 1996 to number 66, Winter 2012-2013, are available at the “Dimitri Kitsikis Foundation”,(,  Ioannou Theologou 22, Zographou 157 73, Athens, Greece, 3rd floor, telephone: (+30) Also, some past issues are available at the following Athens bookstores: Enallaktiko Bibliopoleio (tel. Esoptron Bibliopoleio (tel. The famous Bibliopoleion tes Hestias, which also kept past issues, ceased to function on March 30, 2013.

On the journal's website,  one can find the titles of the articles of all past issues from 1996 to 2012.

Starting with issue number 67, Spring 2013, the paper edition ceases to be available (except for a limited number for libraries and bookstores )and all the articles can be fully read on the web for free. You have just to send us your name and email address and we, in return, will send you by email, the free password, with which you will be able to freely access the journal at

See also the blog which publishes Dimitri Kitsikis's points of view on various issues.

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